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Terms & Conditions
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Privacy Policy

Sineni Tours Inc., provides an informal bi-monthly communiqué (newsletter) to anyone subscribing to our email list. This communiqué lets you in on what’s currently in our craniums regarding new and quixotic destinations and why we think you should visit them with us. Your contact information is not used for any other purpose and will not be supplied to third parties. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

 Also Private Groups & Customized Tours

Yes. Just because we are branded for a particular market (young professionals & new millennials aged 22-30) doesn’t mean everyone else is excluded. Quite the contrary. We get plenty of emails from folks wishing they’d have a chance to do a tour experience with us! So, if you or someone you know would like to enquire about private groups or customized tours (even an admixture of the two), we are happy and extremely capable to do just about anything you could rightly imagine, so feel free to write us!

Our Contract

Bookings made are done so with Sineni Tours, Inc. By booking a tour, you have agreed to the Booking Conditions contained herein (and which constitutes the agreement between us). Sineni Tours, Inc. will accept all bookings made on this basis, including the provided services making up part of your booking confirmation invoice.


A non-refundable deposit of 250$ per person in order to confirm your booking. For all bookings made within 45 days of departure, the full balance amount (listed near the bottom of each tour page) is due at the time of booking. When we receive your booking request, a payment request will be sent to you. This payment request must be completed within 24 hours in order to confirm your booking.

Payment of Balance

After you have paid your non-refundable 250$ deposit, you are required to pay the remaining balance (calculated at the bottom of each tour page) 45 days before departure. If final payment is not received when due, Sineni Tours Inc. reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

Charges and Cancellation by the Traveler

  • 60 or more days: 150$ cancellation fee per person
  • 59–30 day: 50% of total payment made
  • 30–day of departure: 100% of total payment made
    No refund will be provided if, for any reason of your own, you fail to join a tour you’ve already paid for, join it after departure or depart prior to the conclusion of a tour.

Cancellation by Sineni Tours

We reserve the right to cancel any tour up to 60 days prior to departure. And in very extreme cases, we also reserve the right to cancel any tour, any time prior to departure if, for reasons not our own, e.g., instances of terrorism, excessively inclement weather, natural disasters, political instability, et al, that would put you at risk or alters the itinerary in such a way that we are prevented from fulfilling our obligation to you. If these very extreme cases, you are free to transfer your payment to any other tour if available and running, whether present or future, or receive a full refund. Sineni Tours Inc., will not be responsible for expenses incurred, such as (but not limited to) non-refundable flights, incidental costs, insurance costs, passport preparation, etc.

Unused Tour Elements/Components

There are no refunds given for any unused tour features, whether because of your choice, bad weather conditions, operational causes outside our control or other reasons.


We take care of tips for local guides, bus drivers (bus packages between cities and countries), restaurants suppliers (when included in the itinerary). Extra tipping for these or other suppliers is entirely up to you. Your RouteMap planner includes suggested gratuity amounts for your Tour Leaders.

Single Rooms

If a single room request is absolutely necessary, there will a supplemental charge required by hotels. Please write us to find out the supplemental charge. In addition, please understand that single rooms may be smaller than twin/double rooms.

Triple and Quadruple Room Requests

While you may request to have triples and quadruples, a limited number of such rooms will be available for each tour. It may also happen that triples or quadruple rooms will consist in twin bed situations (e.g., triple rooms may have one twin bed & one single bed). While you may request triples and quadruple rooms, no discounts can be provided for these rooming suggestions should you not want standard twin rooms.

Optionals Included

Traditionally, tour managers/leaders make optional experiences available in order to spice up a given tour. Lucky for you that our tours already have the best optionals built in. Honestly, all things aside, should the opportunity arise for you and the group to want a tour managers/leaders optional, you are under no obligation to take said optional.

Photos, Filming, and Marketing

We reserve the right to use images and/or video of you and the group while on tour for advertising and promotional purposes. Unless given express permission, we will never sell any photos or videos for monetary or other gain. By booking to a tour you grant us the perpetual freedom to use said material (whether that be photographic or cinematic) for promotional purposes.

Travel Insurance

Adequate travel and emergency medical insurance is required, essential, and your responsibility. As mentioned in our FAQS, we have found World Nomads to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. The travel insurance you choose must provide against personal accidents, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation. We recommend, like many companies, a minimum coverage of 200,000$ for each category. Make sure it also covers: tour cancellation, tour interruption or curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and other personal effects. When you meet your tour leader on the first day of travel, you will be required to provide proof of travel insurance. Please make sure you’ve got it, because you will not be able to join the tour without it.


We do not include flights into our overall price, but we are more than (no, extremely) happy to help you do this. You may find that this saves you money and makes your travel experience even better! Please contact us if you need assistance!