Our Story

Attention, Travelers!

When we broke out to make this travel company, we looked at our own experience
(eleven years for Europe’s Largest Travel Company for College-Agers)

what most people complained about in theirs—
then set out to correct the mistakes they pointed out.

These mistakes were:

  • Too much money.
  • Long and exhausting drives.
  • Boring guided tours.
  • Not enough included in tour.
  • Accommodation not central.

We overcame them one by one.
And that changed the whole situation.

People started to take notice.
Now we are ready to tell the world through a major rebrand.

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Quirk, novelty, positivity, boisterous fun, sophistication and adventure.

Our Values



Amidst all your fun, you gotta have that cultural element. Others short-change you. Not us.



Come laugh like crazy with all the new friends you’re going to make. And you will make them!


Less Money.

Bizarre things happen when you cut out the middle man and focus on quality over quantity.

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